About Elephango

The Perfect Curriculum Companion

Who are we?

Elephango is the industry leader in research-based homeschool curriculum resources. A part of the Edovate Learning Corp family, Elephango is a rich online educational resource center that is the perfect curriculum companion for any K-12 student or school.

Developed specifically for at-home learning, every Elephango lesson speaks directly to the student, providing media-rich instruction, interactive activities, and project-based assignments designed to challenge students to take initiative, drive their own learning, experiment, get creative and connect learning to life.

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What Sets Elephango Apart from the Rest?

Our research-based, neuroscience approach to learning means that every resource is designed to spark curiosity, deepen understanding, and build confidence. Just what every learner needs.

With knowledge and information at their fingertips, today’s students also need an education system that moves beyond a simple skill-and-drill instructional approach. Instead, they should be developing 21st-century skills that are not restricted to understanding alone, but rather the interdependencies of cognitive, social, and emotional development.

This is where Elephango shines! As students navigate skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, each lesson also emphasizes problem-solving, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and critical thinking and encourages the essential 4 C’s in 21st-century skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.


What Is the Focus of Elephango Lessons?

Elephango has as its foundation a research-based neuroscience of learning design, which drives site design and functionality as well as lesson design. We help students overcome the forgetting curve by incorporating the following key areas into every lesson:

Each lesson sparks curiosity with a scenario, challenge, deep question, or activity that forces students to ask “why?” Our unique lesson format—Get It!, Got It?, Go!—aligns with Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.

In this section, each lesson is designed to grab the learner’s attention and provide him or her with foundational skills or information in an interesting, engaging, and interactive way.

This is the guided practice section of the lesson. In this interactive section, each lesson tests the learner’s understanding and challenges them to connect the information from the Get It! section to real life through practical application.

The Go! section is the independent practice portion of each Elephango lesson and encourages the highest levels of thinking appropriate to the age and grade level of the learner. This section makes the direct connection to the real world or the student’s life, and answers the question, “Why does this matter?” This section also encourages student ownership and equity by always providing multiple project-based activities from which the student can choose. Each project is cross-disciplinary and designed to create a personal connection between the lesson and the student.

The Story Behind the Name

There are many reasons why we chose the name Elephango. For one, elephants have the largest brain of all land mammals, and they’re well-known for their ability to remember.

Elephants have shown they remember voices (auditory) and even know when a voice is correlated with both a positive and negative experience. Elephants also communicate with touch, therefore making them at least partially kinesthetic. And elephants possess exceptional visual memories, to the point where they can remember places they’ve only visited once.

Add it all up, and you can see how an elephant can be used to illustrate all three primary learning styles Elephango emphasizes–auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.