Explore the Elephango Difference for Families

There are plenty of reasons parents love Elephango!​


Kids need content quickly, not clutter. Elephango is the ideal study companion because it eliminates the need to search for content. The right lessons—with the perfect resources and activities—are right at your child’s fingertips.


Parents want simplicity, not frustration. Elephango helps parents explain the material—and children grasp the lesson—in a way that everyone can understand.


All children learn in different ways. Elephango understands and embraces every learning style and tailors each lesson to a child’s specific needs to create a truly personalized learning experience.


By determining your child’s learning style, you can begin to connect in ways you never knew were possible. The newfound understanding will improve communication and comprehension between both you and your child.

Spark Curiosity. Deepen Understanding. Build Confidence.

To inspire genius, you have to spark curiosity. Build a sense of wonder and deepen learning experiences with lessons designed to encourage imagination, discovery, and exploration.


Elephango's Philosophy

We aim to unite your child’s longing to learn with a world of lessons that inspire them to go beyond their limits.

We help prepare learners for a future that is not yet defined. They must be ready for change, willing to learn, and able to think critically. Elephango is designed to create lifelong learners who are ready for that rapidly changing future.

With thousands of lessons that deepen and enrich every subject, Elephango is your perfect curriculum companion.

Your Elephango Membership Includes: