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A safe place for learning at all ages all year long.

Enjoy thousands of lessons, resources, and activities specifically created for at-home learning.

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Designed With Homeschoolers in Mind

One Click to Learning for all Ages

Explore all subjects with thousands of lessons, units, and badges to last all year.

Encourage Independence

Easy interface makes it simple for students to explore interests and take ownership of their learning

Enjoy Freedom to Learn Their Way

Curiosity-driven learning and project-based assessments let their strengths take the lead.

Spark Curiosity

Take learning beyond simple answers and challenge students to ask, “Why?” Because when you are curious, you can learn anything.


The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein

Keep Skills Sharp and Students on Track

Explore the Elephango Difference


Well-organized content & easy search makes learning and portfolios easy!

When kids need help or enrichment, you need content quickly. Elephango eliminates the need to develop new content or engage in complicated searches. The right lessons—with the perfect resources and activities—are right at your child’s fingertips.

Homeschool-approved lessons give parents confidence and kids freedom to explore.

After 33 years supporting homeschooling families, we understand the importance of independence for kids and tools for parents. Elephango is designed to let both parents and students do the driving—how do you homeschool?

Select lessons that meet your kids where they are and how they learn best!

All children learn in different ways. Elephango understands and makes it easy to find lessons tailored to a student’s learning and personality style and academic level to create a truly personalized learning experience.

Every lesson is designed to keep students coming back for more.

Discover learning that is exciting and student-focused.
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Elephango for Parents

Parents have their own login and can quickly view all students in one easy dashboard. Monitor student progress, assign lessons, and access tools to make homeschooling easy. With access to lessons from all grade levels, parents can easily customize content to meet the strengths, interests and unique needs of each child.

Elephango for Students

Elephango means students can access learning anytime from anywhere. When they login, they can let curiosity do the driving OR visit their student dashboard to access favorite lessons and lessons assigned by you. Students can earn badges and build their portfolio or take advantage of lessons designed to sharpen skills, deepen understanding or answer questions. Students can also earn trophies, run streak ribbons and climb the leaderboard as they engage in lessons throughout the day.

Recognized by leading education and technology awards.


Open a world of learning

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Why Kids and Parents LOVE Elephango!

Awesome, fun, useful, life-saver, homeschooler’s dream!

Holly, Homeschool Consultant, TN

Elephango has done the work of creating complete lessons that link to appropriate, safe, ad-free website content for students to use… Parents can create a Study List for one or more students within Elephango, so students can easily find lessons they are to complete... students can then do much of their work independently.”

Cathy Duffy, author of 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

The variety of subjects that are available is amazing and it is comforting to know that we can access whatever content we need whenever we need it.

Andria, Homeschool Parent, PA

I built an entire history course from the Elephango content that passed my Mom’s “Mom Test.” It was fun to put together the badges and lessons that I was interested in and then show her how much I was learning through the different projects. She even said I can do it again next year!

Samantha, 7th grade Homeschool Student, AZ

Elephango is a wonderful resource for homeschooling parents and classroom teachers. Most lessons include text, a short video, and an activity. Learning style information is included on every lesson to help you customize your student’s learning experience. Elephango is great for  inquisitive students who love learning.

Darlene, Homeschool Parent Advisor, PA

I especially like that we can search by learning and personality style to find resources that work for each of our kids. Makes it easy to give them their own learning opportunities and help them see value in their differences.

James, PA

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