State and National Education Standards Search Tool

Elephango Lessons Aligned Just for You

Elephango makes it easy to implement standards-based instruction for both hybrid and blended learning models by providing interactive online experiences that connect to and support the teaching of both national and state curriculum standards.

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Regardless of whether your state requires implementation of the national or state standards, Elephango connects learning topics to the appropriate standard(s). Teachers can assign lessons to a classroom, differentiation groups, or individual students to effectively support learning.

Elephango is a proven resource to address learning gaps and encourages student agency with a platform designed to encourage student choice and give students a voice in how they demonstrate mastery and understanding.

Education research organization, MBZ Labs, touted the following strengths of Elephango:

There are two ways you can search for lessons that align with state or national standards.

To search by standards:

This will display the standards associated first and aligned Elephango lessons second.
  1. Select state or national standards in the first drop-down
  2. Select the subject
  3. Select the grade level
  4. Click “Advanced Options” to include a specific keyword, such as “Geometry”
  5. Click “Search”

To search by content:

This will display aligned Elephango lessons first and standards associated second.
  1. Select the Subject in the first drop-down
  2. Select the grade level
  3. Select the state or national standards you are interested in
  4. Click “Advanced Options” to include a specific keyword, such as “Geometry”
  5. Click “Search”
From there, you can view the alignment results displayed and easily click on a lesson to assign it to students.