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Develop Essential Life Skills

Lessons are designed to develop student ownership, responsibility, goal-setting, communication, and decision making skills as they work through skill-building activities and explore topics that interest them.

Build Optimistic, Confident Learners

As students explore interests, improve skills, and drive their own learning experiences, they develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. And every success leads to increased confidence.

Accelerate Learning Through Personalization

Give students freedom to learn at their own pace. Through lessons and badges, students achieve mastery and understanding quickly. From there, they can dig deeper or move on to more difficult concepts.

Expand Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills

Elephango is not a skill and drill platform. Instead, every lesson is designed around the neuroscience of learning and moves from skill-building to critical thinking, to problem-solving and application to life.

Connect Home and School With Ease

Elephango makes it easy to design classroom, at-home, or independent learning opportunities for all subjects and academic levels.
From the first lesson hook to the final Go!, students are challenged to think analytically, apply learning to life, and demonstrate understanding through projects that allow them to express who they are.

Plug and Play Content for You Perfectly Designed for Them.


Meet the Needs of Every Learner

With Elephango, students know what to expect and can access everything they need from the moment they engage with a lesson. And its easy-to-use personalized-learning framework means you can structure learning to meet them where they are.

Encourage Student-Driven Learning

Challenge students to ask, “Why?” and then give them the tools to find out. With lessons designed for independent study, students interact with video, text, interactives, and projects that spark curiosity and make them hungry for more.

Create Confident Lifelong Learners

Develop future-ready students who are ready for change, hungry to learn, and able to think critically. Students quickly become confident and engaged as they explore interests, discover their personal excellence, and show what they know in ways that fit their unique design.

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Why Kids and Parents LOVE Elephango!

Elephango has done the work of creating complete lessons that link to appropriate, safe, ad-free website content for students to use… Parents can create a Study List for one or more students within Elephango, so students can easily find lessons they are to complete... students can then do much of their work independently.” 

Cathy Duffy, author of 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Awesome, fun, useful, life-saver, homeschooler’s dream!

Holly, Homeschool Consultant, TN

The variety of subjects that are available is amazing and it is comforting to know that we can access whatever content we need whenever we need it.

Andria, Homeschool Parent, PA

I can access so many lesson plans that are provided as supplementary activities for homeschoolers in all subjects. The vibrant pictures are so appealing to me and my kids!

Zoe, 2nd Grade Teacher, TX

I love that the lessons are created with various activities and resources to keep the students engaged. It is also easy for a teacher to find a topic related to all areas of study.

Chris, Middle & High School Teacher

Fun , engaging lessons, great for all ages! Elephango does a great job of giving parents resources when they need additional learning support for their students.

Briana, PreK-8th Teacher, PA

The opportunities to learn in Elephango are gold. Students, parents, and teachers can benefit from short lessons that cover various learning styles and various content. The video game-like badges that can be earned by students are encouraging, and the visual design of the lessons is engaging.

Nicole, ELA Teacher, WV

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