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Elephango is the perfect curriculum companion!

Elephango is designed as a supplementary tool that provides personalized, enaging learning experiences for each student with just a few clicks!

With Elephango, you can:

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Create plans and assign lessons for individual students, learning groups, or classrooms. Then, step back and let your students explore! You will be amazed at what you inspire as they learn independently.


Quickly find lessons by state standards, lesson time, subject, grade levels, or learning preferences. With thousands of lessons for grades K-12, you’re sure to find the supplemental materials your students need.


Gamified learning builds confidence, motivates, and celebrates learning. Elephango rewards exploration with lesson badges when students complete lessons in a specific subject. They can see their achievements of sessions and lessons completed and a leaderboard.
Elephango Educator Dashboard


The educator dashboard gives insight into whether assigned lessons have been completed, what your students have accomplished, and which students need more accountability.

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